Dear valued customer, please note that every ticket purchased at kiostix are subject to the terms and conditions as follows:

All tickets sold by ("KiOSTiX") as agent for and on behalf of management or the owner of the place ("Venue Owner") or event owner (“Promotor”) responsible for the event sold (“Event”). All orders or purchases are depends on availability, KiOSTiX reserves the right to accept or reject orders for any reason. By ordering or purchasing a ticket means that you are agree with existing provision which are:

  1. Tickets buyer can not be equated with the Ticket Holder; Ticket buyers are people who purchase tickets for a show and make payments in accordance with specified payment methods; Ticket Holder is a person holding a ticket on an event and are eligible to enter the event according to the applicable regulations;
  2. In case of a specified event that the Ticket Holder was the person do the Ticket buying (Ticket Buyers), then the Ticket Holder must show clear proof of identity (KTP/ SIM/ PASPOR), as well as valid proof of purchase if needed;

  3. If the buyer is not a Ticket Holder so they required to complete the "Power of Attorney" letter that signed over the seal and accompanied by a copy of a valid proof of identity (KTP/ SIM/ PASPOR) of a Ticket Buyer;

  4. Neither buyer or the Ticket Holder are fully subject to all the general provisions of (KiOSTiX) and or the Operator, Promotor, and Venue, event owner;
  5. There is a possibility that the Ticket Holder can be refused to enter the event if and only it was found/ proven that the Ticket Holder; not bought through (KiOSTiX) or in any the official KiOSTix’s sales channel and distribution;

  6. Ticket Holder agrees to submit any item or items taken that are prohibited by the Promoter or the Operator regulated in accordance with applicable regulations but are not limited to food and drinks, a sharp weapon / fire, hazardous illegal substances, or recording device item / another illegal items;
  7. Purchased tickets can not be exchanged or returned for any reason without exception and can not be transferred or resold. KiOSTiX nor the organizers or show providers each entitled to cancel the tickets that have been transferred or resold to reject the entry of the Ticket Holder;

  8. No ticket refunds under any circumstances unless their conditions were notified on each occasion that applies;

  9. If the event is postponed or canceled, it will be notified in an open statement or delay event notifications publicly made by the Promoter or the owner of the event through KiOSTiX and other open media;

  10. The ticket buyer under the age of 18 must obtain parental permission before buying a ticket / merchandise from our website. By transacting on our site, you affirm that you are at least 18 years and you understand all of the Terms and Conditions;

  11. The lost or damaged ticket(s) (Thermal Ticket) due to the the negligence of a Ticket Buyer or Ticket Holder can not be re-printed for any reason

  12. If a Ticket Holder / Customers do not carry a ticket (Thermal Ticket / Printed Ticket / Printed E-tickets), then they are not allowed to enter the Event or Event Venue without any reason;

  13. (Specially for e-tickets / e-Ticket / Electronic Ticket). If a Ticket Holder / Consumers do not carry a ticket (e-Ticket / e-tickets) that have been printed then Ticket Holder can cost printing (e-Ticket / e- ticket) in amount of Rp. 20,000 .- / transaction (depending on the availability of this facility and in accordance with applicable regulations in place of the event);

  14. Ticket only valid for 1 (One) person and 1 (one) time of use, in accordance with the category or class, time and date of the event or with the regulations arranged by the Promotor or the Operator;

  15. All registered member of Kiostix will automatically get the latest update/ feeds from us through our KiOSTix Buzz News; about the latest show, Newsletter, event information, voucher exchange and special offers and other important informations and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  16. Ticket Holder are full compliance with the provisions, terms and conditions apply that are determined by the Promotor or organizers unless they have been determined according to the delay notification or publicity or public statement made by the promotors or event owners through KiOSTiX and other open media, for example:

    • Children or a ticketless children shall not be permitted to enter the events;

    • For some particular event, the delay is not acceptable that the new Ticket Holder may enter the area in specified by the event organizers or when intermission held;

    • Entering The Event will be subject to the applicable provisions and condition of the place;

    • Age restricted for entering the event or the show;

    • Photography, audio or video or any recordings device will not be permitted during the Event unless it stated by the Promoter or the owner of the event;

    • Promoter or the Operator or "KiOSTiX" can use a photo of the Ticket Holder in any display material, photographs, graphics for live or recorded video publicity or website;

    • Promoter or the Operator or Event Venue reserves the right to refuse admission or request the Ticket Holder or customers to leave the Event or Event Venue if found that they ("Ticket Holder" or consumers) are act disorderly or improper or who pose a threat to security, or to disrupt the continuity of occasions without any refund or compensation of any sort;

    • Promoters or Organizers reserve the right and may suspend, cancel, interrupt or stop the event, stop the service associated with the event, denying access to the venue by reason of a dangerous situation, bad weather, natural factors, "Act of God", a request from a law firm Government and or other causes beyond the control of the Promoter or the Operator;

    • All the events that happened, either all risks, accident, loss or other things that are not desirable, either before, during or after the event / events that take place that are beyond the ability of the Promoter or the Operator are the sole responsibility of a Ticket Holder;

    • (KiOSTiX) do not have control over the maintenance or management of the place, or the organization or management of the existing event;

    • Every complaint about the event will be delivered to the organizers/ the Promoter as well as any complaint about the  place/ venue should be directed solely to and handled by Venue Owner/ Venue management; 

    • Ticket Buyers, Ticket Holder, Promoter and Event Owner as well as an Event Places and KiOSTiX fully subject to the jurisdiction law of the Republic of Indonesia.